2010 Pinot Noir Reserve

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Cellar Club Price - $105-120

After aging in the winery’s underground cellars, under optimal conditions since bottling, the 2010 Reserve has developed a deep brick color typical of an older wine. The complex nose features floral notes, dried cherries, leather and tobacco. The mouthfeel is round with firm tannins and good acidity, red berry notes and spices. This wine will age for at least ten more years.

Pinot Noir Reserve Starting with the 2006 vintage, we have crafted up to four barrels each year of super premium Pinot Noir made from the very best selection WillaKenzie Estate has to offer. These Reserve wines were created specifically for collecting and aging for well over ten years. The Reserve wines are aged for 18+ months in very special French Oak barrels and are then aged up to 24 months or more in bottle.

$150.00In Stock

2010 Pinot Noir Reserve

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