Pinot Blanc Reviews

Reviews for Pinot Blanc 2009
"is is a truly lovely, elegant Pinot Blanc"
"is rich white leads with broad apple scents and a hint of nutmeg spice. e quince avors are
equally rich and ripe, the texture broad and succulent, bearing the weight for veal with spaetzle."
WINE SPECTATOR - 90 Points - "Savvy Shopper"
"Lively, silky and refreshing for its pear, citrus and green almond avors, dancing brightly through the
winereviewonline - 90 Points
"WillaKenzie makes lovely wines exclusively from their estate-grown grapes. ey are best known for
their stylish Pinot Noir--approximately 70% of their vineyards are devoted to that varietal--but they
also make excellent examples of Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris. ey planted Pinot Blanc in the early and
mid-1990s, which means the vines are starting to enter a mature stage and are capable of making more
complex wines. eir 2009 has substantial depth, a quality rarely seen with this variety, but is by no
means heavy or overdone. Subtle aromatics of white owers and a Granny Smith apple-like crispness convey an almost paradoxical delicacy. A stand-alone aperitif, it would be a terric choice for sushi."
Reviews for Pinot Blanc 2008
Restaurant Wine - 4+ stars
"Fresh and fruity in style, this is a full bodied, crisp wine, with excellent avor and balance, and a long
nish, tasting of apple, lime, honeysuckle, and pineapple aromas/avors." - Ronn Wiegand - Issues
#135 and #136
"Pinot Blanc can be vapid and boring. Not this one. Fuller than most, this lovely example has a stone
fruit kind of richness balanced and invigorated by lively acidity in the nish. It's an excellent choice as
an aperitif that could easily be carried to the table to match with grilled sh, a seafood stew or even
roast chicken."
Michael Apstein, February 9, 2010
"is is a truly lovely, elegant Pinot Blanc, from a winery that has a ne handle on the grape. Scents of
lemongrass and grapefruit run headlong into delicate, evocative fruit avors of melon, gooseberry, lime
and stone fruits. ough quite dry and tart, it has so much complexity that it never turns sour."
Paul Gregutt, Dec. 15, 2009 issue

The Tasting Panel - 90 POINTS
"Smooth with a bit of citrus and some lovely, lush avors; creamy, rich and completely charming."
Anothony Dias Blue, October 2009
Matt Kramer - e Oregonian - Sept. 14, 2008
Delivers a full measure of the melon and citrus scents and taste characteristic of this white grape variety.
Although tasty today, it shows every likelihood of improving and becoming more dimensional with
additional aging. A screwcap seals the pristine deal. THIS IS SUPERB DRY WHITE WINE

Reviews for Pinot Blanc 2006
Matt Kramer - e Oregonian - Sept. 16, 2007
You want to try WillaKenzie Estate's extraordinary 2006 pinot blanc. One sip will change your mind
forever about the worth of Oregon-grown pinot blanc. is is a wonderful dry white wine that's about
as good a pinot blanc as any grown in America - and better than many produced in France, or Italy for
that matter.
Reviews for Pinot Blanc 2005
WINE & SPIRITS - April 2007
"...this wine's fresh grapefruit and dark citrus avors assure taut lines and a fresh, clean texture. Its
lively acids contribute to a wonderfully brisk, long nish..."
WINE ENTHUSIAST - December 2006
"The Pinot Blanc from this property puts many Oregon Pinot Gris to shame; its got more polish, more
detail and more class overall. Compared to its estate grown cousin (gris), the Blanc is a bit more
delicate, with lovely stone fruit, Asian pear and pink grapefruit highlights. Whole-cluster pressing and
cold fermentation enhance areomas and bring out nuances of citrus rind."
Paul Gregutt
Matt Kramer - the Oregonian Sunday, August 27, 2006 I’M HARD PRESSED TO RECALL A BETTER OREGON PINOT BLANC THAN THIS ONE. It delivers a avor denition and a broad-on-the-palate array of avors that exceed any other Oregonpinot blanc I can recall. In this wine you nd almond and a touch of apricot, along with an attractive,vaguely bitter edge that makes your mouth water and sets you up for wanting yet more. It's all delivered in a ripe, smooth fashion, thanks to lovely textural density. Worth noting is the highly desirablescrew cap, which ensures a degree of avor purity (not to mention convenience) unavailable with cork. THIS IS A STUNNER OF A DRY WHITE WINE and proof -- if such is needed -- that there's more to Oregon white wine than pinot gris and chardonnay.
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