The Site

Triple Black Slopes is the steepest vineyard on our estate, with some sections exhibiting a 45-degree slope. The vineyard is comprised of four blocks separated from one another by canyons filled with blackberries and quail.  

  • Elevation: 500 - 650 feet 
  • Aspect: South-facing 
  • Soils: WillaKenzie soil series: Sedimentary, moderately deep well-drained fine loamy soil derived from colluvium, sandstone, and siltstone (marine origin) 

The Vines 

  • Varietal: Pinot Noir 
  • Date planted: 1999 
  • Clones: 114, 667, & 777 
  • Schematic: 7.5’ x 4’ spacing with VSP training 

Site expression in the wine

The site’s shallow topsoil, steep angle, south-facing aspect, and clonal selection work in harmony to produce wines of great power, intense fruit and structural tannins.